Welcome to the homepage of the Whistleblowers Foundation!

On one hand, the Korean society has made a remarkable development through industrialization and democratization in the recent decades. On the other hand, irregularities and corruption, relatively low human rights consciousness, deep-rooted (Korean-style) nepotism, and serious polarization between the haves and haves-not have hindered further development.

Whistle-blowing in this society, which reveals corruption and illegal practices for public interests, is aimed at helping develop our community further and arousing our conscience.

The Whistleblowers Foundation was founded in September, 2011 for encouraging and supporting whistleblowers.

The Foundation will devote itself to supporting and protecting the rights of those who blow the whistle at the sacrifice of themselves, thereby purging irregularities and corruption practices and building up a sustainable democratic society.

In order to effectively carry out the mission, the Foundation will promote cooperation and solidarity with whistleblower protection organizations abroad.

Thank you!

[Key Activities]
- counselling for, and consultation with whistleblowers
- legal support and assistance for whistle-blowing activities
- living support for whistleblowers
- scholarship for children of whistleblowers
- “Award for the Year’s WhistleBlowers” in several areas